About Us

Hey! I'm Jake, founder of Panache.

jake raboy
In March 2020, the world flipped. I was laid off (for the second time in seven months) and had to move back in with my parents.

I was fortunate that Mom was a trendsetter and already had a Peloton. After several weeks of Tabata and HIIT & Hills rides, I was suffering from back and knee pain. But, my competitive side wasn't willing to take a break. One night, on the verge of falling asleep, I shot up in bed. I didn't go back to sleep that night. Panache was in motion. 

Our mission is simple: help at-home athletes achieve and exceed their fitness goals with high quality recovery products. We're constantly working on developing products that can assist in unlocking the full potential of your workout. Any product we bring to market means it's not just good enough for me, it's also Mom-approved.

We're setting the stage for the next shift in fitness and wellness. I'm really excited to help everyday athletes unlock the full potential of their workout. 

Welcome to next generation performance. 

See you in the saddle!


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